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What Is Bit Index AI?

Bit Index AI is an online Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency trading platform that stands heads and shoulders above other competitors. Our focus is our users, whom we value above all else. Our mission is to equip you with what you need to trade Bitcoin and other Digital Assets independently. The platform is optimised and designed to assist you as you experience the different markets and grow your expertise – so you become a highly experienced, motivated and successful Cryptocurrency trader.

A Brief Introduction to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Learn more about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency with our brief overview.

Cryptocurrency is a decentralised currency that is not physical. It is only accessible through digital files. The “coins” are mined from digital Blockchains, and this means that these “coins” are not held in banks, governments, or countries but are safely stored in the “Cloud”. The biggest advantage to this is that any person in possession of Cryptocurrency can use it almost anywhere and in every country.

The first Cryptocurrency, called Bitcoin, was launched in 2009. This digital currency is the biggest and possibly the most popular of all. Today, there are over ten thousand other Cryptocurrencies available and the number one Cryptocurrency, recognised globally, Bitcoin is now a household name. While initially, there was scepticism surrounding Bitcoin – now, the digital currency has proved itself incredibly valuable. It boasts a market cap of approximately $450 billion+ and there are over 80 million Bitcoin wallet holders across the globe. More than ¼ of Americans own Bitcoin and that number is set to grow substantially over the coming years.

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Understanding Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin trading is similar to other types of trading (e.g., FOREX, precious metals, commodities etc.). In general, Cryptocurrency traders look to buy low but sell high. It’s worth mentioning that trading Bitcoin is volatile, there are regular fluctuations in the trading market but when you know how to trade and you learn through experience, you can often work out the right timing and buy/sell at the perfect moment to make a profit. Often, volatility provides extraordinary opportunities for traders who know how to use the market to their advantage.


The best way to trade Bitcoin is to buy it when it’s at a low value and keep hold of it until that value increases. Then, sell it and make more money because the trader gets a higher price than the original price paid. When a trader executes their Bitcoin trades well, they make a profit.
Remember, when you buy Bitcoin on Bit Index AI, you aren’t buying assets, rather you’re placing buy or sell positions speculating on the Crypto price. For all traders, whether experienced or novice, there’s no guarantee that a trade will result in a profit but when you get to know the markets and understand more about Cryptocurrency trading, you can spot opportunities and capitalise on these. Many opportunities are about getting the timing right – and with practice and patience, anyone can learn to trade Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies extremely successfully.

Bit Index AI is the ideal place to get started, to grow confidence and to understand the markets better. With a wealth of exceptional online tools already available on the platform, you have everything you need at your fingertips to potentially make plenty of money through trading Crypto!


How to Use Bit Index AI

Let’s get your trading journey started with Bit Index AI. Find out how our platform works below.
Bit Index AI is designed for simplicity to make your user experience as smooth as possible. Please see our information on how to get started with our platform and what you can expect from using our service.


First, complete our easy registration form and fill in your name and contact details. Check that they’re all correct and look out for an email from Bit Index AI to confirm you want to use our platform. The next step is a phone call from one of our experienced Account Managers who will contact you to guide you through setting up your secure Bit Index AI account. After the phone call with the Account Manager, you will have full access to the Bit Index AI platform.



As soon as your account is setup and activated, take advantage of our extensive market data, check trading trends and speculate on this exciting market! You can also organise your very own trading strategies. We encourage you to browse the platform and educate yourself on what there is on offer – all the information is there to help you leverage trading opportunities and build up your trading confidence!



If you are a first-time trader we urge you to take your time and get to know the platform before embarking on your first trade. We’ve even supplied a demo area, where you can practice trades until you’ve built up enough confidence to try the real deal! Our popular demo area looks like a real and has all the controls in place – just like the real thing! The only difference is that you don’t use real money to trade and it’s a brilliant way to understand how to trade efficiently and effectively.



We’re sure you have questions, so we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions here. Of course, if your query isn’t listed here, then get in touch with our helpful and experienced team by clicking here.

What payment methods does Bit Index AI accept for fund deposits?

Our trading platform is entirely flexible and that includes our payment options. There are just so many available! You can use Cryptocurrency or regular currency. For example, Bitcoin, other Cryptocurrencies, USD, Euros, GBP, Ether and others. You do need a minimum deposit of at least $250 to get started though. Choosing Cryptocurrency? That’s fine, we recommend using an e-wallet and if you don’t yet have one, just set one up on one of the coin exchange platforms. Once you’ve set one up and you have currency in your wallet, just connect it to your Bit Index AI account.

To link your e-wallet with your Bit Index AI account, just visit the deposit page on your Bit Index AI account and choose the connect e-wallet option. Enter the details as documented and put in your security codes. Your wallet might require other authorisation so you may be asked to log in and confirm your e-wallet link.

As far as FIAT payments, you have a couple of options. First, you can pay using a credit or debit card, or alternatively, a bank or wire transfer. Card payments tend to clear quicker than bank or wire transfers.
If you want to use your credit or debit card for a deposit, simply select the card option and choose the type of card you want to use. Next, fill in the amount you want to deposit. You will be asked to key in your card details and confirm your payment. The funds usually will be available to you instantly.
If you choose a bank transfer, then the process is slightly different. Selecting this option will activate Bit Index AI to ask for certain transaction information. Enter the information as requested (it works similarly to when you transfer money to friends, family or for goods and services). Choose the amount you want to transfer and complete the information required. Usually, funds clear within just 24 hours.

Can I use Bit Index AI if I’ve never traded Cryptocurrency before?

Absolutely! At Bit Index AI, we’re on a mission to make trading Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies as accessible as possible and to include as many people as we can – so you get to reap the opportunities! The platform is suitable for all, whether a novice trader or experienced ones. Everyone is welcome to use Bit Index AI. We also have a knowledgeable team waiting there to help you with any support enquiries. Click here to get in touch.
Find out more about how we help beginners with their Crypto trading journey:
• Contact our experienced Account Managers, who know the trading market and have traded for many years. You can trade with confidence with their help and build up your own confidence and trading skills. Even if you decide not to use our Account Managers to assist you – it’s comforting to know that they’re there if and when you need them!
• We also have a demo area that is state-of-the-art and helps you to learn how to trade effectively. The best way to learn how to trade Bitcoin is to use the Bit Index AI demo area, it’s equipped with all the tools from the real trading area and as you’re not using your money in the trading area, you can really explore all the features without worrying about losing money.
• Our displays are easy to read with information that’s easy to understand. We know that newcomers to Bitcoin trading may find the information available complicated, so we’ve done our best to streamline it for you. We don’t believe in overloading our users with too much information – so we’ve kept it simple, and we’ve only supplied the necessary instructions to help you. We also provide the most important information so as not to confuse you and to make sure that you understand the basics first.
• Take advantage of our learning environment and our team. Everything is there to help you with an easy trading journey, so you maximise on opportunities to make as much money as possible. In turn, our information empowers you to make informed decisions and potentially make a lot of money!

Am I able to withdraw money from my Bit Index AI account to my bank account?

Yes. If you have available funds, you can transfer money from your Bit Index AI account to your bank account and there are no charges attached. Just visit your Bit Index AI account, click on your funds and select the withdraw option. You can withdraw your entire amount of money or just a proportion of it, if you prefer.
Withdrawals are done via bank transfers and digital wallets. If you want to keep your Crypto, you can move your funds from Bit Index AI to your e-wallet. Make sure your e-wallet is linked to your Bit Index AI account to do so and have your security keys so you can complete your transaction.
If you’d rather use standardised currency, you can still withdraw your funds to your bank account. There are no charges attached although some international banks might apply their own fees. The process is easy to complete, just enter your bank account details along with the amount you wish to withdraw, then simply confirm the transaction to proceed with the transfer of funds.

Does Bit Index AI have a mobile version available?

Yes, there’s a mobile version of Bit Index AI so you can trade from the palm of your hand, wherever you are in the world and whenever you want. The mobile version is ideal for people who are always on-the-go or who don’t want to spend their time behind a desktop or laptop plus it still has all the features available on a computer version. Our mobile platform is compatible with most devices, you just need an internet connection and to make sure you’re not logged into Bit Index AI on any other device at the same time.

How safe is Bit Index AI to use?

Our Bitcoin trading platform is completely safe and secure, and we are a legitimate company, legally compliant and with safety protocols in place. Our trading platform uses encryption to protect you, so your data is always secure. This gives you complete trading peace of mind.
All transactions are also perfectly secure and protected and your payment details are never shared with anyone – even our team cannot access your payment details as our security is so strict. We take our customers’ information very seriously and ensure that the strictest safety levels are always in place.
We cannot guarantee that traders using our platform will always make money. Trading Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies is always volatile, and any type of trading has risk attached to it. No trading is risk-free but there is opportunity and if you are well-informed and never trade more than you can afford to lose, you could make an impressive profit using Bit Index AI!

Let’s Summarise!

Doubtless, Bitcoin is the leading Cryptocurrency, and as more and more people are using Crypto in business and for personal use, it is only going to grow. Don’t miss out on the lucrative opportunities, in future, Crypto will be a market leader in international finance, it’s worth getting to grips with trading Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin now!

That’s why Bit Index AI is here. It’s the best way to start your Crypto trading journey, whether you’re a newcomer or you’re a seasoned Bitcoin trader. On our platform, there are many exciting tools to maximise your trading opportunities and we have lots of easy-to-understand information to really leverage your chances!

Bit Index AI Let’s Summarise

Trade Cryptocurrencies Safely and Securely with Bit Index AI

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