Binance Admits that its Funds Management is not “Perfect”

Binance is reportedly planning to acquire renowned Indonesian crypto exchange Tokocrypto and is currently engaged in negotiations.

Binance began providing proof of reserve following FTX’s collapse to assure its users of its stability. A spokesperson said the exchange is working on moving the collaterals to a dedicated collateral wallet. Binance, the leading cryptocurrency exchange, has admitted that its management of users’ funds has not always been perfect and noted that it “mistakenly” … Read more

Binance Admits to Past Struggles with BUSD Peg – Bitnation


A Binance spokesperson claims the company has resolved the system flaw and that there was no redemption impact for users. Binance has emerged as a likely target of regulators, being the largest crypto platform by market share. Crypto exchange Binance confirmed on Tuesday that it previously had a flaw in its system that left the … Read more