Data for the entire site is run through our machine-learning wash trade algorithms which have been developed over the past 12 months. All of our data is presented with wash traded volumes removed as determined by our algorithms.

We analyze 26 different data points before determining a wash trade. A vast amount of different parameters have been dialed in to analyze the different styles and methods of wash trading, which bad actors have used to deceive current surveillance systems. Wash trading accounts have begun being closed since February 2019 as we begun sharing these data reports with exchanges on trade execution times and sizes they can match to suspect accounts.

BTI Verified

To qualify to be listed as a BTI Verified exchange, there must be less than 10% wash trading on the exchange over a 30 day period, with no single pair (with volume over 100,000) over 50% wash trading. We will review all exchanges each month and remove those as BTI Verified who do not meet this criteria and add those who do meet this criteria. Any exchange which has had over 25% wash trading in the past will not qualify for BTI Verification until 6 months have passed with wash trading under 10%.

BTI offers a data report service to help exchanges remove wash trading accounts from their platforms. This service does NOT guarantee BTI Verified status as the exchanges compliance team must take action on these reports to improve wash trading to meet the criteria.

“Unverified” exchanges are still under review as they have not met the criteria to be listed or we need greater access to their API data. However by using data we do have, we have determined they have less than 20% wash trading across the whole exchange.

The “Wash Trade Status” column on the exchange tables is based off the past 30 days volume.

Top Volume Gainers and Fallers

This ranking box on the homepage has a minimum criteria of $5M in marketcap and 150K in volume. (24hr)

Top Github Activity

This ranking box is a combination of commits and github events for the past 30 days only.

Top Stable Coins

This ranking box uses our algorithms to remove all wash trading from these coins. (24H)

Crypto Currency Listing

We currently only list tokens which appear on exchanges which are not wash trading greater than 20%.


Coin prices are determined by averaging data on our top 40 exchanges